Strength & Conditioning

1-1-2 Hip Thrust

3 Position Pushup

Alt Plyo Step Up

Diamond Pushup

Feet on Chair Pushup

Hands on Chair Pushup

Front Plank

Inverted Row Hold

Partner Rear Delt Raise

Plyo Pushup

Plyo Pushup Hold

Plyo Pushup + Pushup + Pushup Hold

Plyo Pushup with Alternating Shoulder Tap

Single Leg Hip Thrust

Single Leg Squat to Chair

Skater Squat

Split Squat Jump

Squat Jump

Band Exercises

Squat Oscillations


Band Exercises

Bent Over Rear Delt Iso

Bicep Curl

Front Raise Iso

Inverted Elbow Wide Iso

Iso Squat Jump

Partner Adduction Iso Hold

Partner Pallof Press

Rotational Single Arm Iso

Side Raise Iso

Split Stance Start Iso

Staggered Stance Internal Rotation Iso

Staggered Stance Single Arm Push Iso

High Plank with Pull Through

Lying T-Raise

Single Arm Row

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